Stressors and Remedies for the INFJ

Possible Stressors:

  • Having to monitor too many details
  • Working under ignorant, irrational or illogical people
  • Too much extraverting
  • Hearing too much cynicism from others
  • Trying to solve everything alone
  • A noisy, disorganized work environment
  • Being asked to violate standards and principles or to tolerate deceit
  • Lack of follow-through and poor performance by co-workers

Typical Reactions to Stressors:

  • Intense anger, agitation, irritability, pessimism, fatigue
  • Adversarial attitude toward the outer world
  • Overdoing sensory activities- eating, exercising, watching TV, shopping
  • Physical stress symptoms such as muscle tension
  • Seeing external details as major obstacles that impede progress
  • Obsessive attention to perceived sources of stress; difficulty refocusing attention
  • Sleeplessness due to persistent reviewing of problems

Resources and Remedies:

  • Withdraw; find quite time to reenergize; walk or exercise
  • Reexamine the facts – what was actually said, what really happened – and then reconsider the implications
  • Break big goals into smaller, realistic goals
  • Delegate
  • Ask for/accept help when needed
  • Focus on hobbies and recreation
  • Take time off
  • Engage in simple, non-pressured activities that involve your senses (seeing, hearing, etc) such as taking a walk and experiencing nature
  • Share your feelings with someone who will provide non-intrusive, forthright concern