INFJs at Work

INFJs are most comfortable in work environments where integrity, harmony and vision are valued.

Possible Careers

  • In or associated with the creative fields in jobs such as artist, writer, musician, composer, interior designer, or desktop publisher
  • In education or counseling in jobs such as teacher, counselor, life coach, researcher, psychologist, social worker, or librarian
  • Associated with religion in jobs such as minister or priest
  • In the Health Care field in jobs such as dietitian, nutritionist, physical therapist, speech-language pathologist, massage therapist.
  • In organizational development in jobs such as human resources specialist, or trainer

Ideal Work Environments

INFJs work best in environments where:

  • Work is values centered
  • There is an emphasis on helping others grow and develop
  • They feel like they can make a difference
  • Work product is something they believe in
  • The work culture is harmonious and cooperative
  • Creativity and personal insights are valued
  • Workplace is quiet and they have space to work alone


  • Planning and business strategy
  • Sense of commitment and purpose
  • Developing and mentoring others
  • Creative or labor saving solutions
  • Designing and improving processes
  • Creating a harmonious workplace environment
  • Highly focused and organized
  • Works well on teams or as an individual contributor

Sources of Stress

  • Working in highly competitive or tense environments
  • Being forced to extrovert too much
  • Having to monitor too many details
  • Dealing with others who don’t understand their conceptual thinking
  • Trying to do everything – resisting delegation
  • Attempting to make everything perfect
  • Having to provide corrective feedback to subordinates

16 thoughts on “INFJs at Work

  1. Possible Careers are spot on, I describe myself as a Design, Education and Health Enthusiast. My professional work is in Design, I tutor kids part-time and I read, learn and write, teach about Health in my spare time.

  2. I am thinking of going to back to school and studying Forensic Science instead. Working alone, in a lab, helping others through concrete evidence, analyzing data sounds intriguing to me.
    However, I am afraid of making the wrong choice.

    (I was let go, without warning, from a company last week where I worked for 8 years. The reason I was given,”Budget cuts.” The company posted my position three days later after terminating me.)

  3. i have just found your site, and am LOVING what you have to say. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and perspective in this form. so helpful!

  4. I have to echo what so many others have said throughout various pages on this site, you are spot on! I recently did my personality test since I have become so unhappy at my current job ( my first out of college). I had done the test before 2 years ago but had not really delved into it. Flash forward to a couple of months ago, I am indeed an INFJ! I have been searching for why it is I feel like I am working in a “hostile”/ incompatible work environment and I recently retook the test to confirm my personality type and see if my career are aligned. While they are, I am a project manager at a non-profit that helps immigrants, I am unhappy because of the environment, my boss and coworkers are all wrong. I am increasingly stressed and have become unsatisfied, despite fundamentally doing something that I love. Either way, I have spent the past couple of hours going through your posts, doing exercises, reading comments and it has been really enlightening and reassuring. Thank you! You and your work are appreciated!

  5. Hmm, I never knew that interior design was a suitable career for the INFJ. I started out as an interior design major in college but quickly shifted my interests to psychology and social work. I find that for a career, I have to be doing something truly meaningful that is going to have a significant impact on others’ lives. I didn’t think I could do that with interior design, so hopefully I’ll be much more satisfied with a career in social work. : )

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