10 Steps to an Amazing INFJ Life

10 Steps to an Amazing INFJ Life is an attempt to capture what I’ve learned throughout my lifetime as an INFJ as I struggled to be heard, to become courageous, and to find my boundaries.

Most of the articles include an exercise, all of them include tactics to make the most of the unique qualities that INFJs are blessed with.

      #1 View Yourself As Whole

#2 Manage Those Pesky Emotions

#3 It’s Your Life – Own It

#4 Learn to Say “No” and Mean It 

#5 Protect Your Heart

#6 Stay Connected To the World

#7 Seek Approval From Within

#8 Practice Your Opposites

#9 Stop Trying to Control the World

#10 Find Your Higher Purpose

 Epilogue – It’s Your Turn

4 thoughts on “10 Steps to an Amazing INFJ Life

  1. Learn to set boundaries.
    Develop your Fe-Function. (Find out what YOU like, what YOUR opinion is, who YOU are and then show this to the world).
    Learn to express your feelings instead of withdrawing all the time.
    Stop trying to be an INTJ (or INTP).

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